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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rat Horoscope 2011

 Chinese Horoscopes 2011 provides information on Rat Chinese Horoscopes 2011,Rat 2011 Forecast

Rats are people born in: (1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

Rat Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Rat Chinese Forecast 2011:

· Rat Chinese Horoscope 2011 states that the coming year will require these people to be extra careful while dealing with finances.

· Rats are advised to look out for new job offers for a salary hike in Chinese New Year 2011.

· In Chinese New Year 2011, Rats will excel in different fields provided they are control their emotional side.

· There are chances of Rats facing disputes with Chinese Horse, Rabbits and Ram people in 2011.

· Rats will do extremely well with other Rats, Dragons and Monkeys in the coming Chinese Year 2011.

Wishing all Rat people a Happy Chinese New Year 2011.
Romance/Love Prediction : For one to get back into the good book of loved ones, one might have to make certain special effort to gain his/her trust and confidence. One can easily land oneself in the doghouse for some silly behavior on a certain occasion. Whether one will be forgiven easily will have to depend on the effort. For the widow or widower, perhaps one has not yet learnt to let go of the past and feeling reluctant to move on despite encouragement from family members or friends. If one is not ready yet, there is no point in trying to force oneself merely to please others. Take your own sweet time and moment to deal with it and continue to develop faith and strength along the way.

Money/Finance Prediction : For those in business the temptation to achieve higher profits is growing stronger during this period, one just needs to remember not to let greed overcome one's established reputation, which could lead to a downfall if not careful. For the career minded, just handle the normal routine with care and one should stay out of trouble. First time homebuyer need to budget more efficiently due to potential mortgage increments and one could easily face a financial nightmare if suddenly caught unaware.

Fitness/Health Prediction : Do not let depression, fear or anger threaten one's health. Such negative emotional feelings and thoughts can easily cause one's health to deteriorate rapidly over a short period. One needs to communicate with others more often to avoid being lonely. An idle mind can lead to various negative thoughts and imagination, which could induce stress unnecessarily. Otherwise the gradual accumulation of stress within the system could eventually lead to a stroke or a sudden heart attack. Seek consultation where necessary and try not to delay it any further.

Luck Prediction : Enterprising and energetic Rat type will continue to strive for advancement in life, especially where family's welfare is concerned. As long as one keeps working diligently toward the goal or target, one will reach or achieve one's aim in good time. Remember not to take desperate measures to force or hasten any situation, for there are no shortcuts in life. For those looking for or thinking of a career change, take more time to consider the offers and avoid making hasty decisions. Sometimes the financial packages might seem attractive, but one must be prepared for certain sacrifices.

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